College Baseball Recruiting 101

Understanding the fundamentals

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The fundamentals of the college baseball recruiting process.  


If you are the parent of a high school baseball player who wants to play in college, then this free 30-minute webinar is for you!

This process is not one you are supposed to innately understand as a parent.  You don't wake up knowing how to get your kid recruited.  Let us help you navigate the tricky waters of the college baseball recruiting process by giving you the tools you need to get started!


Why The Recruiting Coaches? We have:

True experience as college athletes. 

True experience as college coaches. 

True experience guiding families. 



  • The Recruiting Timeline - How does the process play out?
  • The Recruiting Mix - What are coaches really looking for?
  • How to Get Exposure - Where do the coaches evaluate?
  • The Role of Your Support System - How do I get the proper guidance? 
  • Free Offer For Attendees - This will be of direct value to your recruiting process (it's not some cheap free tee shirt).


No matter where your family is in the recruiting process, this webinar is a can't-miss.  Make sure you are doing everything possible to put your son in the best position to achieve his dream of being a college baseball player. 


Limited seats available – register now to reserve your spot!

*This webinar will be approximately 30 minutes in length, so please plan accordingly.